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Have Your Gutters Cleaned!


Even though gutters spend most of their time out of sight and out of mind, they get very little attention until a problem occurs. Did you know the guttering system plays a major role in protecting the structural integrity of your home? By keeping them clean and free of blockages you can avoid potential costly expense of gutter or damp related repairs.

What Damage Can Be Done?

The job of the guttering system is to guide rainwater off your roof and down the drain, if they become blocked or broken, the results of rain penetrating the fabric of your home can be very serious for both the exterior & interior of your property, the mains ones listed below.

Damage to roof tiles.
Stained fascia boards.
Damp problems inside your home

What Gutters Can We Clean?

So whether you have cast iron, plastic, or aluminium gutters, they need to be cleaned and maintained regularly to keep them performing properly and to protect your home and family. Whatever the material, we can help with gutter cleaning Redditch, Birmingham, Coventry or wherever you're based, get in touch today.

We Can Help

If you do find damp in your home or business, one of the first things you should check is the guttering system before you do anything else. From the ground the things to look out for are water running down the walls when it's raining and sagging gutters. Our advice is at least once a year to thoroughly check the guttering system for any visible problems. If your area has a lot of trees then debris filling the gutters over time is unavoidable & has more potential for problems arising over a shorter time scale!

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